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Endorsement Statement Release
Liberty-Candidates 2012
Endorsement Statement Release
“…It is with great Honor I proudly endorse Jordon M. Greene for North Carolina House of Representatives.”
–Mayor Michael L. Alvarez, Town of Indian Trail, NC
“I believe that if elected, Jordon Greene will uphold the Constitution.”
–Rep. Glen Bradley, NC State Representative, District 49
“It is with great pride and hopes that I endorse Jordon Greene as a candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives.”
–Councilman David Waddell, Town of Indian Trail, NC
“[Jordon] is a man who will vote according to the original intent of our founding fathers. I am personally thankful for a candidate who has core beliefs and morals. I therefore give him my endorsement.”
–Pastor Joel D. Bixler, Temple Baptist Church – Lenoir, NC
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Jordon Greene Takes Anti-Agenda 21 Pledge
By Jordon Greene | 04-18-2012
Today, I took American Alert News’ Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development Candidate Survey and pledge certifying that I stand in opposition to Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and further UN control of our nation, state and localities.
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Hello, I’m Jordon Greene and I am running for the North Carolina House of Representatives to represent the people of Caldwell County in House District 87. As a Republican, I will fight for conservative values and work to defend the principles of individual liberty and the Constitution to make North Carolina first in freedom once again. Our state has a rich heritage of putting freedom first and keeping government out of our lives, yet we have strayed from that path over the last century.
Yes, we need conservative leadership in Raleigh to work to restore North Carolina’s respect for freedom and the individual. However, we need more than conservatives, we need conservatives who will stand by the constitution and the principles of individual liberty. We need leadership that will work to restore free-market principles to help produce a business friendly environment for job growth in our state, including less spending, no new taxes, no corporate welfare and less business regulations. We need leadership in Raleigh that will stand up for our state’s rights under the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution and work to protect our gun rights from federal encroachment, nullify Obamacare and defend the unborn child’s right to life.
I am running to unseat an eighteen year career politician, Rep. Edgar V. Starnes, because we do not need a “conservative” who supports corporate welfare programs and special tax breaks for big business at the expense of the taxpayers of North Carolina and who supports unneeded business regulations that hurt small business and entrepreneurs. We need a Republican who will support the free-market in both the economic and electoral realms unlike my opponent to represent Caldwell County.
I hope that you will join me in my campaign to bring about “A New Day For Liberty” in North Carolina by restoring free-market principles, defending individual liberty and the constitution, and working to protect life. Please sign up for the campaign mailing list and considering giving of your time or finances to help me win the Republican Party Primary on May 8, 2012.